Freedom in Christ

As this posts, I’m already half way to Curacao. Our flight has taken off and I’m probably doing what I always do on plane rides or car rides or really any time I don’t have to be conscious during travel — I’m sleeping. However, since I’ve shared about our Curacao trip several times, I thought … More Freedom in Christ


Inspiration. Where does it come from? Is something still inspired if we’re simply replicating what someone else has already done? In 2012, I was working in retail and dreading another holiday season. After a lot of deliberation, I quit my job.  No real direction was charted. There was only time and it was going to be use it … More Inspired

Update on Eileen

When we purchased our little Shasta we had easy dreams. We knew that the walls had to come off to repair the little water damage that we saw. We kept almost everything we tore out in hopes of returning it quickly. With each panel that was popped, so did a small part of our easy … More Update on Eileen