DIY Mirror Art

These are some of my absolute favorite pieces of art. Although I would absolutely love if you purchased one of these two in my Etsy shop (or request a custom color set), today, I’m gonna share the secret process so you can make one of your own. The most difficult think about making one of … More DIY Mirror Art

Freedom in Christ

As this posts, I’m already half way to Curacao. Our flight has taken off and I’m probably doing what I always do on plane rides or car rides or really any time I don’t have to be conscious during travel — I’m sleeping. However, since I’ve shared about our Curacao trip several times, I thought … More Freedom in Christ


Inspiration. Where does it come from? Isย something still inspired if we’re simply replicating what someone else has already done? In 2012, I was working in retail and dreading anotherย holiday season. After a lot of deliberation, I quit my job. ย No real directionย was charted. There was only time and it was going to be use it … More Inspired